Private and Corporate Philanthropy

A valuable source for the funding for environmental projects and programs is private and corporate philanthropy. Indeed as official government spending on things like environmental protection and conservation continues to fall, private and corporate philanthropy is called on to play an ever greater role.

The Foundation Center is an organization that compiles and maintain databases of philanthropy and grantmaking. The Center maintains five offices (Atlanta, Cleveland, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC) where individuals may participate in training courses, consult the references in the library, and search the electronic databases. The web site offers a number of additional services, such as electronic newsletters and notifications regarding grants, proposal deadlines, and employment opportunities.

In their own words: "Thousands of successful grantseekers turn first to 'The Foundation Directory Online.' With comprehensive data on up to 80,000 foundations and corporate grantmakers -- and details on up to half a million recently awarded grants -- it's the leading grantseeking database on the web.

The Foundation Directory Online is available for a monthly fee as low as USD$19.95, by annual subscription, and with multi-user plans.