Recycle old electronics for Cash

What they buy: iPods, iPhones, Zunes, select models of cellphones, PDAs and game consoles.

Payment methods: PayPal or check. Usually processed within 48 hours.

Costco Trade-In and Recycle Program

What they buy: Most desktop and laptop computers, MP3 players, LCD monitors, game systems, camcorders, digital cameras, smartphones and PDAs. The warehouse club also recycles CRT monitors, printers and fax machines.

Payment method: Costco gift card. Usually paid within four weeks.


What they buy: Cellphones, MP3 players, digital cameras, laptops, GPS units, game consoles, satellite radios, portable hard drives and camcorders. Also buys some videgames and Blu-ray movie disks. If you own an item within these categories but the particular model isn't listed, Gazelle will create a personalized quote.

Payment methods: PayPal or check. Payments are processed within 10 business days. You can also opt to donate the trade-in value to one of 30 associated nonprofits, including the American Red Cross and Operation Smile, which provides reconstructive surgery to children in developing countries.


What they buy: Most brands of MP3 players, laptop and desktop computers, flat-screen monitors and cellphones.

Payment method: Visa gift card.


What they buy: Only iPods.

Payment method: By check. Payments usually sent within three days. Or trade in your iPod at bricks-and-mortar partner stores, including Circuit City (select Massachusetts and New Hampshire locations only) and J&R, for store credit on the spot.


What they buy: Most MP3 players, cellphones, cameras, camcorders, GPS units, car audio, laptop computers and game consoles. Also buys some videogames.

Payment method: Receive the value of trade-ins as a Radio Shack gift card. Payment is usually sent within 10 to 14 days.

Toshiba Trade-In Center

What they buy: Most brands (not just Toshiba) of desktop and laptop computers, tablet PCs, camcorders, digital cameras, servers, monitors, multimedia projectors, home audio receivers, cellphones, car audio, game consoles, PDAs, MP3 players and GPS units.

Payment methods: By check. Payments are usually mailed within a week. Toshiba also offers a free $25 Starbucks gift card with any trade-in, while supplies last.


What they buy: Most game consoles, MP3 players, digital cameras, digital camcorders, GPS units, smartphones, laptop computers and HDTVs.

Payment methods: PayPal, check or charitable donation. Payments usually sent within five to 10 days. Click on the site's Trade4Credit feature, and you can also receive your total as a gift card from retail partner Sears.