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[Paying for Parks]

Links to other organizations that support park finance efforts through
networking, information, technical assistance, and investments.

                          Paying for Parks: Links


International Conservation Groups

Conservation International (CI)
    The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
    World Wildlife Fund-US (WWF-US)
    WWF International
    IUCN - the World Conservation Union
      IUCN Economics Unit
      Biodiversity Economics
    World Resources Institute (WRI)

Policy and Research Institutions

    Conservation Finance
    Conservation Finance Forum -- featuring information resources on the practice of conservation finance and the education of conservation financiers.
    Political Economy Research Center -- promoting "free market solutions to environmental problems" through policy recommendations.

Financial Institutions

    Global Environment Facility (GEF)
    Inter-American Development Bank
      Multilateral Investment Fund
    World Bank

"Green" Venture Capital Funds

    Environmental Enterprises Assistance Fund
      Empresas Ambientales de Centroamérica (EACA)
    EcoLogic Development Fund
      EcoLogic Enterprise Ventures, Inc.
    Conservation Enterprise Fund (CI)
    EcoEnterprises (TNC)
    New Ventures (WRI)

National Institutions and Organizations



    National Park Service (U.S.)
    National Parks Conservation Association (U.S.)


    Parks Canada


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[The "Paying for Parks: Links" page is a work in progress.
We welcome suggestions for links to useful sites, reports, and documents.]

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